Last Signs from Cerulia - A GEN:48 Film Submission

“Last Signs from Cerulia” is a captivating short film created within an intense 48-hour window for the GEN:48 competition, leveraging the incredible powers of artificial intelligence and my own creative vision. This project represents a harmonious blend of technology and artistry, where AI-generated imagery and video merge seamlessly with human creativity and emotion.

I'm thrilled to share that “Last Signs from Cerulia” was featured in the Top 40 finalists among hundreds of captivating entries for GEN:48.

Creation Process
Images: Crafted using Midjourney, the film’s visuals transport viewers to the mesmerizing yet isolating landscapes of Cerulia, invoking a sense of otherworldly beauty and introspection.
Video: Enhanced through RunwayML Gen-2, the film pushes the boundaries of narrative storytelling, creating a fluid and immersive experience that invites the audience into the heart of Cerulia.
Script: Developed in collaboration with ChatGPT, the narrative explores profound themes of existence, purpose, and the uniquely human quest for meaning in the cosmos.
Music: Scored with tracks from Epidemic Sound, the film’s auditory landscape complements its visual storytelling, enriching the emotional depth and ambiance.
Voice: Narrated personally, adding a layer of authenticity and intimacy to the journey through Cerulia.

“Last Signs from Cerulia” unfolds through the reflections of a lone explorer, grappling with the solitude and existential curiosities that arise while on a distant planetary mission. The film delves into the essence of humanity's quest for understanding amidst the vast, indifferent universe. Through encounters with Cerulia's alien life and the contemplation of existence, the film challenges viewers to ponder our place in the cosmos and the value of asking questions that have no answers.
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