From the quaint, coastal beginnings in Texas to the heart of creativity in East Texas, I've journeyed through over 20 enriching years in the creative industry. As the Owner and Creative Director of BW Design, my mission is to transform your vision into a compelling brand experience that echoes across your audience. My passion lies in weaving the fabric of creativity across digital landscapes, where I specialize in UX/UI design, product design, and spearheading AI innovations in design and communication.
My curiosity doesn't end at traditional design; it extends into the future of AI, exploring how it can redefine art direction, enhance productivity, and streamline costs. At BW Design and previously as the Creative Director for Pine Cove, I've not only led visual branding revolutions but also embraced the challenge of reinventing an entire digital presence. From the comprehensive rebranding of Pine Cove Camps to pioneering UX/visual design transformations for web and mobile platforms, my portfolio is a testament to a career built on innovation, leadership, and a relentless pursuit for excellence.
Recognized as Print Magazine's "Designer of the Week" and featured in LogoLounge Books 11 and 12, my work stands as a beacon for creative minds seeking inspiration. My latest adventure involves iCampPro, a testament to my dedication as a senior UX/UI designer, where I delve deeper into the realms of software design, constantly striving for usability, communication and UI consistency.
Let's embark on a journey of creative exploration together, unlocking possibilities that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Connect with me to discover how we can bring your vision to life:
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